Motherhood Lessons: A Day in the Life of Stay at Home Mom

People are often surprised to learn that I am a lawyer turned stay at home mom. The first question after asking what I did before staying at home is always do you plan to go back to work? They are even more surprised when I say that I am not sure, most expecting me to say of course! While I would like to say yes, there is no way to tell what will be best for my family in a few years.  Sure I have my doubts (sometimes daily) about living up to my career potential and using my hard earned degree–but when I really take a look inside I know staying at home with my little man and making a home is what is best for my family and myself at this time in our lives.


It is easy to have self doubt, but I fully believe that if you do what is best for you and your family in the end you will have no regrets.  While I have envy for the moms that have great careers, I know I am doing what works best for my family.  Plus, I still have time to go back to work when Reid is a little older!


Mom attire–no make up, yoga pants and a baby in the picture 🙂


I dub my daily life as one with a ‘flexible routine’.  We have a pretty consistent routine that has been in place for about 3 months now.  Our pediatrician warned me that he will completely change his sleep over the next few months, so I am taking it in stride and enjoying his schedule while I can!

Our ‘flexible routine’:

  • Reid usually wakes up around 7, we feed the dog, pour coffee and start fixing breakfast.  Reid enjoys being held in the morning which makes getting breakfast in order a little more challenging!
  • After eating breakfast, we brush teeth, make beds and get dressed for our day.
  • Usually, we are in a rush to get out the door for barre or a music class.  I am not the best with time management and love to be right on time…which usually means late :/
  • After barre/class, we go on an errand if needed or come back for a snack and play time before Reid goes down for a nap.
  • Reid usually naps for 2 hours, which gives me time to pick up the house, prep dinner, and get whatever else I need to get done (or blog!).
  • Following his nap, we eat lunch, go for a walk with friends or have a playdate and back home for a little more playtime/errand running before dinner time.
  • Drew usually comes home around 6:15 and I like to have Reid eat beforehand.  It gives Drew some more time to play with Reid rather than feeding him.  Drew and Reid usually play for a half hour, while I finish up dinner.  Drew bathes Reid and then I go upstairs to finish with Reid’s bedtime routine and he goes down for the night.
  • After Reid is down, Drew and I eat dinner, watch a show and then I shower and clean up dinner before settling into bed for the night.

    Busy boy always!


    Life spent on the floor-Scout doesn’t keep up with the boy!

While it isn’t the most exciting life, it is my kind of perfect and I love that I get to watch Reid develop into a little boy everyday!  As on cue, Reid is up and ready for lunch 🙂


Little man and his mama!

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