Weekend Recap: Lake Allatoona

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying the warm weather on the lake!  One of the major concerns we had when moving to Atlanta was the lack of water around us.  We are water lovers, Drew has always been a boater (fisher, shrimper, wakeboarder, skier, etc–you name it he will do it!) and ever since we started dating I have become one too! Needless to say, it was a factor in moving.


Luckily, there is a little lake named Lake Allatoona that is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  It takes about the same amount of time to drive to the lake as it did when we lived in Greenville. Though, Lake Allatoona is smaller than Lake Hartwell (which we used to frequent) it still provides us with the water we crave.  Lake Lanier is another option too, but it is a lot more crowded and is an additional 30 minutes away.


Like Father Like Son


All Smiles


Boating Baby

After searching for the right marina to keep the boat, we found the spot and ventured around the lake on Sunday afternoon.  It was fun getting to explore the new lake with my boys.  Reid did great on the boat and only fussed for a little before falling asleep, he loves the rocking!  I am looking forward to many more weekends on the boat 🙂


Future Fisherman

The rest of our weekend was fairly relaxed with a couple of runs, yard work, home cooked meals and hanging around the house.  It has been so nice staying at home on the weekends–we made a point to stay at home when we moved so that we would feel more at home in Atlanta.  When we lived in Greenville, we travelled almost every weekend making it more challenging to call it home.  I love the break from traveling (though I am getting the itch) and spending quality weekend downtime with my boys 🙂


Mornings at home 🙂

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