You Do You: Getting Back Into Running

Our morning started off with tornado and severe weather warnings.  So instead of going through my normal routine and taking a barre class, I went for a quick 2 mile run on our treadmill.  Admittedly, our treadmill has not been touched since we moved in!  It got me thinking about how my routine has drastically changed and how I long to get back to “doing me.”


Not pretty, but pretty sweaty (and oh Hi, Deer in the background!)

I find myself these days claiming that I was a marathoner in a past life.  Since having issues conceiving because of my low weight (associated with my high mileage running), I have put my passion for running on the back burner.  I realized that there are more important things in life than running–such as having a family, but I truly miss the sport and passion that went along with it.


My little running buddy 🙂

I struggle with my desire to get back into running and even lose a few lbs, with the desire to have more children.  I know that I want to have more babies, but I have been itching to sign up for a race and actually put my running shoes to good use!  There is no right answer and Lord only knows if I will have issues in the future conceiving or not.  So right now, I am going to take more of a “you do you” approach and listen to my heart when it comes to my fitness (and life in general).


Barefoot in jean shorts with short hair=me 🙂

It is important to me, that my son grows up knowing that he is a unique individual and that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.  While having him was the biggest desire that I had (and getting married to the man of my dreams!), I had to change my lifestyle in order to make it happen.  I would not change it for anything, but now I have the opportunity to regroup and focus on my next goal–getting my passion back for running!  I have a feeling that this time it will be even more special because I will have a little assistant and cheerleader along for the ride (in the stroller that is!).  Okay preaching over!

Have a great one and safe out there 🙂

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