Five Favorites from Amazon: Skin Care, Scooter, Workout Shirts and More!

Have you noticed a lot more delivery trucks driving around town recently? Not going to lie, we have been doing our fair share to help the economy utilizing online shopping! Here is a list of 5 of my favorite purchases from Amazon (I will share my favorite purchases from Target and Costco soon!).

Top 5 Amazon Purchases and Deals:

Vitamin C and Retinol: I recently posted on my instastories about my new skin care routine, including vitamin C and Retinol. I guess I live in a cave (and admittedly, just started routinely washing my face in January–gross, but true!), but I just discovered two inexpensive skin ointments that assist in graceful aging (I think it sounds better than anti-aging ;)). I am sure that there are more “natural or pure” items out there, but for this first timer these entry level potions are where it’s at! They both have amazing reviews and are under 20 dollars. Vitamin C helps with sun protection, provides glowing skin and honestly just feels so good on your skin. I use vitamin C every morning and then apply Retinol twice a week at night.

Side note: A friend advised me to get a prescription for Retin-A from my dermatologist and that it works even better than Retinol (but don’t use if planning on becoming pregnant). She said that even though it isn’t covered by insurance, a bottle lasts a long time! Next time, I go to the dermatologist I am definitely going to be asking about this 😉

Hapi Water Apple Juice Pouch: My girlfriend, Christina, told me about these pouches and OMG I’m so happy I tried them. I am not a huge fan of giving my kids juice, but they love it when I do (pretty sure juice is the the kid version of wine, am I right?!). These pouches are the perfect compromise and taste delicious. They are perfect to bring to the pool or throw in the cooler on the boat. Since they are pouches (like a Capri Sun) they don’t get icky in the cooler like traditional juice boxes. They are a tad pricey, but watch for deals to pop up!

ThermoFlask Water Bottle 40oz. Y’all, I am the queen of reusing 1.5L plastic water bottles. I bought one right as Covid hit and literally just recycled it, a good 3.5 months with my deformed Evian bottle. With summer temps heating up, I knew I need a little something extra to keep my water cooler. I did wayyyy too much research on which bottle to get (so many options out there) and finally decided on the 40oz ThermoFlask. The boys have 12 oz ThermoFlasks and they are very durable, so I figure I would trust the brand. I wanted a straw option and a HUGE bottle, and this one fits the bill. I love my new bottle and am wondering why it took me so long to switch from plastic to insulated.

Workout Shirts with Built-in Bras. I can seriously go on and on about these built-in bra shirts. I live in them and absolutely love the quality of these shirts. These CRZ workout shirts are perfect for my morning walks with the boys or throwing on in the afternoon with the blazing Atlanta heat. While I wouldn’t suggest running in these, you can definitely do a light workout. They are super cute and very comfortable. Since “athlesiure” is basically my wardrobe, I usually buy name brand work out clothes. Honestly, I was hesitant to buy a “Lululemon dupe” but I am SO happy I did–I am beyond obsessed!! These come in a bunch of different styles and colors 🙂 Please note: I am small chested so built-in bras work great for me.

Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter. My mom purchased this scooter for Reid’s made up holiday of Kid’s Day (smart little dude!). These scooters are a little hard to find, but they have some in stock on Amazon (check out Amazon Warehouse Deals for a less expensive returned one!). Lets be honest, social distancing is still in full swing so spending time outdoors with little ones to get their energy out is necessary. Reid loves riding his bike and I wanted something that Walker could use to keep up with his big brother. After a lot of research, I stumbled on the Micro Mini scooter. These scooters are awesome, they have two wheels in front and one in the back. The scooter is more like riding a skateboard than a traditional scooter, and both of my boys got a hang of it quickly. This is quickly becoming my favorite new toy 🙂 Please note: I would suggest paying the 10 dollars extra for the deluxe version over the classic version; weight capacity is higher, the T bar comes off easy for transporting and is adjustable to fit both my 2 and 4 year old. I cannot say enough about this well built scooter.

Happy online shopping and doing your part to stimulate the economy—because thats what its really about, right?! 😉

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